About Us

Hi, I’m Mat and I’m just an average, hardworking husband and father of two. I love cooking outdoors, especially with my dutch ovens. I started by watching my dad and my uncle create magic from these black iron pots. I learned as a Boy Scout, and later on my own. I love my dutch ovens, (No! Not that kind of dutch oven!)  I really got into this project when I had suffered a job loss, and between job hunting I needed something to lift me up and help my spirits.  I heard about someone who blogged their experience cooking in a dutch oven every day for a year.  I thought, “Lets do that and put it on YouTube!”

Along the way a few things interrupted that personal challenge, but I am using that chance to improve myself, get better at my craft of cooking and filming.  While I don’t just make videos of cooking anymore, it is still the heart of the channel.  Join me on this journey and share with me your adventures.